CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS: A chiropractic adjustment refers to a chiropractor applying manipulation to the vertebrae that have abnormal movement patterns or fail to function normally.

by a licensed Massage Therapist to reduce muscle spasms, decrease stiffness, increase lymphatic and vascular circulation and increase tissue healing. The intensity used is to the patient's tolerance for 15-30 min.

INTERSEGMENTAL TRACTION The patient lays on a table (with heat if desired) with gentle rollers inside which gently opens up each spinal joint as it rolls up and down the spine for 8-15 min generally.  This traction can provide increased mobilization and more flexibility to each spinal joint. This action also helps reduce adhesions in the spinal joints, thus decreasing the stiffness of arthritis.

ELECTRICAL STIMULATION This type of therapy is the application of electrical stimulation to a specific area. The electrical current is applied through the skin into the soft tissues (muscles) or to peripheral nerves to control pain, assist in muscle coordination, reduce muscle spasms, reduce inflammation and enhance soft tissue healing. The intensity is based on patient tolerance and generally used for 8-15 min.

ULTRASOUND This therapy uses sound waves to increase absorption of heat to a deeper tissue level. The sound waves produce heat which increases local blood flow to enhance healing.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS We have various supplements available to provide our patients additional nutrition to aid in healing and promote health from within. We offer whole food nutrition to natural muscle relaxers with a variety in between. Ask Dr. Lepper about Juice Plus to bridge the gap in your nutrition needs.

PATIENT EDUCATION Dr. Lepper prides herself on educating her patients so they can be an active part of their own treatment process. Explaining the chiropractic treatment process, stretches along with education on ergonomics of sleep and work space gives the patient the ability to aid in their healing. Knowing what TO do as well as what NOT TO do can speed the healing process and therefore reduce visit frequency and recurrence.

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