As a chiropractic physician I begin by listening to what brings a patient to my office. Once I understand the problem, we discuss the goals we wish to achieve and design our treatment plan accordingly. Treatment plans are customized for each individual patient based on multiple factors such as condition, patient schedule, finances, life outside the office, activities surrounding visits and many more. Educating my patients throughout this process is one of the most crucial aspects of getting healthy. My job is not only to explain the process but more importantly empower the patient to do things on their own to speed improvement. Inspiring healthier choices will ultimately shorten treatment time by preventing future recurrences.

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that each patient has different healthcare goals so we offer options that support those individual needs.


Let's face it, the number one reason patients call my office is because they are in pain. This pain may vary from mild discomfort to severe, debilitating nerve pain but the process is the same regardless:

-First, I listen to determine the underlying cause of the problem

-I locate the source of the pain( which may or may not be where you think).

-I ask the right questions to determine what/ how it happened.

-Examine and evaluate to come up with appropriate diagnosis.

-I consider all variables and suggest the most efficient plan to address the


-I educate the patient so they can actively participate in their recovery.

-I educate the patient to prevent recurrence.

-We keep an open communication during the process to ensure treatment is progressing as expected for both patient and me......if not-Plan B.

-Once relief is obtained, I teach the patient various ways to prevent recurrence and maintain their wellness.

Because Lepper Chiropractic Center believes that our health is our greatest asset, we are committed to teaching our patients the value of wellness care. We know by our vast experience that it is more efficient (time and money) to opt for post-symptomatic wellness care rather than wait for symptoms to reappear. We hope to see our patients abandon the “sick care” model and adopt a proactive wellness model for their health that of their families. Wellness care is proven to prevent recurrences and ultimately increasing overall quality of life.  We offer affordable wellness care plans to help you maintain your alignment and quality of life.