“What a wonderful person. Traci is a caring doctor who has your best interests in mind. Quality customer service is her specialty.”

Larry G.

“Traci does an amazing job! I schedule an appointment with her whenever something bad happens to my neck and she always makes it much better. I also do her wellness program where I go periodically to help prevent more bad neck days before they happen. Traci is knowledgeable, caring, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my chiropractic needs!”

Tim H.

“I appreciate being greeted warmly in Dr. Lepper’s office. Dr. Lepper treats her patients in a private treatment room with a variety of chiropractic techniques. Dr. Lepper knows I usually prefer the Activator technique, but will advise me if she thinks the needed adjustment would respond better to a different technique. She is knowledgeable about body mechanics and can suggest changes (chair height, computer screen height, etc.) that can prevent future issues. Part of Dr. Lepper’s brilliance is that she knows the limits of chiropractic care and will not hesitate to refer you to another practitioner, if need be. I highly recommend Dr. Traci Lepper–she’s my doctor!!”

Carrie R.

“I have been to several chiropractors and Dr. Lepper is by far above and beyond all of them. Not only have I referred her to others, but I use her practice on a regular basis. Her ethical, personal approach to her client’s well-being is as good as it gets in her line of work. I will continue to recommend her practice to others and strongly suggest if you have any thought in utilizing a chiropractic service, you pay Dr. Traci a visit!”

Dustin M.